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BO3887 Garden var "Ecosil" anti-cancer reflective 2021-05-15
BO3879 Modular stations and installations for water and air purification 2021-05-15
BO3883 Sorption-catalytic and membrane materials for water and air purification 2021-05-15
BO3884 Two-component epoxy primer based on water-based epoxy resin for corrosion protection of metal and concrete surfaces 2021-05-15
BO3886 Garden water-dispersion paint "Ecosil" 2021-05-15
BO3878 Microfertilizers for foliar feeding of plants 2021-05-15
BO3864 Modular water treatment plant for drinking and technological needs (MUOV and MUOV-TN) 2021-05-15
BO3866 Concrete and mortar hardening accelerator 2021-05-15
BO3873 Complex additives for concrete and mortar 2021-05-15
BO3874 Waterproofing materials based on anionic and bitumen and bitumen-latex emulsion 2021-05-15
BO3875 Antiseptic gels 2021-05-15
BO3863 Clay mineralized product for the construction of impervious screens for solid waste landfills 2021-05-14
BO3790 Recommendations for the implementation of targeted protective measures that reduce the radiation doses to residents of settlements in which the exposure limit established by law (1 mSv/year) is exceeded 2021-05-05
BO3805 Management decision support system "Forestfire 2.0 GIS" to prevent forest fires and minimize their radiation consequences on the territory of the Gomel region 2021-05-02
BO3791 ForestFire (v.1.0.2) specialized software 2021-05-02
BO3804 Recommendations for the cultivation of winter rapeseed in the territory of radioactive contamination 2021-05-02
BO3802 Microbiological additive "EM1 Konkur" 2021-05-02
BO3794 Feed briquette "Antiket-F" 2021-05-02
BO3793 Compound feed concentrates with ferrocin for cattle and small ruminants 2021-05-02
BO3792 Concentrated feed for dairy cows with sapropel 2021-05-02