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BO4128 The Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the NAS of Belarus offers services in the field of genomic biotechnology under an outsourcing agreement 2021-08-03
BO4044 Milk with high human lactoferrin (hLF) content from genetically altered goats 2021-07-29
BO4115 Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus offers consumers and distributors a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment of its own production 2021-07-27
BO4101 Belarusian manufacturer of disposable wooden cutlery is looking for distributors 2021-07-20
BO4092 Products of the Tolochin tinned food factory 2021-07-15
BO4084 Soft dam MP-1 2021-07-15
BO4083 Device for assessing the internal state and cleaning of the collector-drainage network OD-100 2021-07-15
BO4075 Diagnostic and search equipment KSD-160U for detecting defects in hydraulic structures 2021-07-15
BO4073 Kit for search of drainage collector routes PU 2021-07-15
BO4077 Complex of diagnostic tools for internal state of closed drainage KDS-160 2021-07-15
BO4045 Hybrid variety of winter diploid rye Belgi (F1) 2021-07-09
BO4049 Spring rape variety Yarovit 2021-07-09
BO4047 Variety of winter triticale Blago 16 2021-07-09
BO4051 Kupets narrow-leaved lupine variety 2021-07-09
BO4050 Winter rapeseed variety Viten 2021-07-09
BO4000 Diagnostic set of DNA markers for genetic certification of economically valuable genotypes of common ash, hornbeam, and black alder 2021-06-27
BO3999 Methods of post-pyrogenic assessment of reforestation processes and dynamics of the number of entomopests in coniferous phytocenoses 2021-06-27
BO3998 Innovative express methods for early diagnosis and identification of diseases of forest woody plants 2021-06-27
BO4001 Services for the development of methods of chemical care for forest crops using resource-saving technology 2021-06-27
BO4002 Variety of white-fruited marsh blueberry "Pamyati Volchkova" 2021-06-27