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 General Agreement of Cooperation and the Information Exchange - 20 August 2004

On 19 August Mr. Uspenskiy, Director of RCTT and Ms Komarova, Director of Information & Publishing Unitary Enterprise New Ideas (the publisher of the Intellectual Capital, an intersectorial journal on applied science) signed a General Cooperation Agreement of collaboration and information exchange.


As the subject-matter, the signed agreement provides for collaboration in the field of data exchange and reciprocal pursuance of interests, for the purposes of promotion of inventions made by Belarusian and foreign researchers and developers, commercialization of high technologies in the domestic industrial sector, as well as attraction of investments into the economy of Belarus.


In accordance with the agreed terms, the Intellectual Capital will routinely publish the materials prepared by RCTT. Thus, this journal will become the seventh periodical to publish the materials by RCTT and about the Centre. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer has by now established relations with Russian periodical Russia and World: Science and Technology, Belarusian periodicals the Inventor, the Science and Innovations; newspapers the Republic and the People’s Newspaper.

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