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The need for closer cooperation between academia and the business world is underscored by the Europe 2020 strategic plan, the Lisbon agenda and the modernisation agenda of Europe. The European community has recognised the vital contribution to Europe's competitiveness of University-Business Cooperation Information Portal (UBC) to provide an array of benefits for HEIs, students, business and society alike.
The Research Centre "Science Marketing" at the University of Applied Sciences Muenster developed with its concept of Science-to-Business Marketing the first strategic approach worldwide for a successful commercialisation of research competencies, capacities and results.
The basis of this approach is the conviction that market mechanisms also work on the research market. All successful companies are working with marketing strategies. A basic principle of their success is that these companies know exactly the demand of their customers and that they adjust their research, developing and production to their customers' needs. So why do research institutions not use marketing strategies? By a consistent focusing on the customer, the third party funding of research institutions can be increased enormously.
Science-to-Business Marketing aims at a successful marketing of research competencies, capacities and results. The objective of the Research Centre "Science Marketing" is to develop, test and provide new models, instruments and proceedings for research commercialisation that enable universities to market their research more effectively.
In 2002 Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken founded the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at Münster University of Applied Sciences. In ten years the S2BMRC has been involved in a wide range of projects, covered in our ten years anniversary brochure which can be downloaded here.
Globally recognised for research in interface between universities and industry
The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) is world recognised for the project partnership approach to university-business cooperation. Further highlights include:
   - Co-developer of the ‘Responsible Partnering Handbook’
   - Leading centre for the development of approaches to university/industry partnerships, as used by Coventry University
   - Development of the "Science Marketing Toolbox” including 58 instruments to assist Science Marketing
   - Developer and publisher of the TechAdvance ™ Technology Evaluation Handbook which provides a method for the evaluation of technologies
   - Organiser of the international ‘Science-to-Business Marketing’ Conferences held in German, Belgium, China, South Africa, Japan, Australia, France and Russia.
   - We are regularly engaged to:
   - Conduct research in university-business cooperation
   - Present at conferences
   - Conduct workshops on this topic
   - The S2BMRC team are also regular publishers of journal and news articles on this topic
UIIN is a network, offering a platform for those fostering the exchange of knowledge and information between universities and industry.
Established in 2012, the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) aims to contribute to the improvement of the relationships between university and industry. UIIN creates an environment for its members as well as other professionals to share and exchange knowledge and information in various areas of university-industry interaction. The activities of UIIN include:
   - University-Industry Innovation Magazine
   - UIIN Award
   - University-Industry Interaction Conference
   - University-Industry Analytics & Benchmarking Platform
   - UIIN Digital Library
   - UIIN Resources Platform (incl. events, calls, jobs)
   - UIIN Blog
With technology transfer, entrepreneurial university, IP, licensing and other professionals working at the intersection of science and business being the primary target group, UIIN does not only provide a virtual exchange platform ( but also offers workshops, conferences and further events for more personal exchange and learning.