Problems of Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings

The seminar "Problems of Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings" took place in Minsk on 17 September 2013. The event was held at the Academy of Public Administration under the Aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The seminar was moderated by Director of RCTT Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy.

Attendees of the seminar: 52 representatives from all regions of Belarus - directors and specialists from Minsk, regional and local committees and departments of architecture and construction.
Participants of the seminar were informed on the progress of the project "
COOL Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments". The project partners are 18 organizations form 9 countries: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Finland. Lead partner is the Department for Heritage preservation of Hamburg (Germany). The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer represents Belarus.
The goal of the project is to reduce the energy consumption of historic buildings without destroying their cultural value and identity.
During the seminar there were several topical issues taken up:
   - The legislation in the fields of cultural heritage preservation and energy efficiency of historic buildings;
   - Energy audit and energy certification of historic buildings;
   - Technologies to improve energy efficiency of historic buildings;
   - Education and training of specialists for reconstruction and restoration of historic buildings.
Each participant received a flyer of the project COOL Bricks.
In addition, participants were informed of the publications that are prepared by partners in the frame of the project and placed on the internet-portal of RCTT, in particular:
   - Postprints from the Conference "Energy Efficiency of Historic Buildings", Visby (Sweden), February 9-11, 2011 - PDF
   - Baseline study "Educational Situation and Labour Market Conditions in the Baltic Sea Region - Baseline Study of Work Package 5 "Education and Economic Promotion" - PDF
   - Interim brochure "Energetic refurbishment of historic buildings in the Baltic Sea Region" - PDF
   - Report on energy refurbishment of historical complex Fæstningens
Materialgård (Denmark) - PDF
   - Baseline Study "The Situation of Climate Protection and Cultural Heritage - Baseline study of Work Package 3 "Policy Development" — PDF
   - Refurbishment for the energy efficiency of historic buildings in member states in the Baltic Sea Region — A handbook of the "most common methods for improvements to energy efficiency" — Baseline study of Work Package 4 "Technical Innovations" —
   - Publication of European Commission "Shading systems: Solar shading for the European climates" - PDF