The Internet-portal RCTT provides links to Japanese Technology Transfer Networks

In the section "Foreign database" added links to University Technology Transfer Association, Japan (UNITT) and Japan Technology Group, Inc.
The Japan Association of University Intellectual Property and Technology Management (UNITT) was established in order to promote the sound development of partnerships between academia and industry, through exchange, awareness raising, investigations and research, proposals, and other activities aimed at helping institutions of higher learning manage intellectual property and transfer technology more efficiently, maintaining a close partnership between institutions of higher learning, TLOs, and the individuals and institutions that support their activities. Through these activities, UNITT also aims to contribute to the development of Japanese academia, the advancement of technology in Japan, and the development of Japanese industry.
Japan Technology Group, Inc. is a technology-based intellectual property transfer company, serving as a link between non-Japanese companies and untapped promising Japanese innovations. Its mission is to promote, foster and add value to trans-Pacific technology and intellectual property transfers between Japan and North America.