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 Internet-based platform for collective use of trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation between China and the countries of the CIS

Under the Agreement, signed 17 June 2012 Director of RCTT Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy and Deputy director of the Institute of High Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Heilongjiang Province (PRC), Mr. Liu Zhizhong on the 4th China Harbin International Scientific and Technological Achievements Fair (13-18 June 2012), RCTT is able to put innovative projects (technological offers and requests) of its clients, in particular, the organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on the Internet platform for communities of trade and economic, scientific and technological cooperation between China and the countries of the CIS in Russian.


Chinese partners will be to translate placed RCTT innovative projects in the Chinese language, and place them in the Chinese version of the Internet platform


On the Internet platform, you can also see the technology offers and requests from both the PRC and other countries of the CIS.

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