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 DuPont extends its relations with RCTT - 5 August 2004
The National Press Centre of the Republic of Belarus has recently hosted a seminar "DuPont‘s Innovative Technologies for the Industrial Enterprises and Organizations of the Republic of Belarus'". One of the co-events of the seminar – meetings of RCTT’s Director Mr. Uspenskiy with Mr. J. Shmorgun, Director of DuPont East Europe LLC, Ms E. Maksimova, Technology Transfer Associate of DuPont Russia LLC, and Mr. V. Klassen, Business Development Specialist of the Corporate Planning Department of DuPont Russia LLC - took place on 4 August. The two parties took up a wide scope of issues, in particular, the technologies and R&D areas of interest to DuPont; directions of prospective collaboration, a draft agreement of cooperation between RCTT and DuPont. The Agreement of Cooperation is expected to be signed August or September 2004.

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