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 Announcement of the International Seminar on "Transfer of the Innovation Technologies"
The International Seminar onTransfer of the Innovation Technologieswill take place in Baku (Azerbaijan) on October 23–24, 2012.
Organizers: Public Association of Intellectual Property and Innovation under supported by the Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.
At the seminar will be discussed the problems of technology transfer, intellectual property rights, as well as international experience of technology commercialization.
Among the foreign speakers of the seminar:
   - Prof. William Rosenberg - University of Massachusetts (USA)
   - Dr. Scott Inwood - Waterloo University (Canada)  
   - Prof. Hagit Messer -Yaron - The Open University of İsrael (İsrael)
   - Acad. Michael Ugrumov - Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
   - Prof.  Solovyov Vyaçeslav - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)
   - Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy - Innovation Association “Republican Centre for Technology Transfer” (Belarus)
The program of the workshop can be found here.

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