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 FIT4SMEs Project Training Session was held in Kiev
24-25 May 2012 in Kiev (Ukraine) was held a training session aimed at providing tools and information on International Financial Institutions instruments for supporting SMEs.

The training session was organized in the framework of the project "Financial Facilities for SMEs: training and capacity building for Business Support Organisations in non-EU member states of the Central European Initiative - FIT4SMEs" implemented by Informest (http://www.informest.it), Development Agency for Economic Cooperation based in Gorizia, Italy and financed by the Central European Initiative (CEI) www.ceinet.org through its Know Exchange Programme and by the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.

The training was organized by Informest in close cooperation with the Association of Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk with the support of the RCTT.

The event were attended by 50 participants from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Belarus was represented by 8 people: representatives of RCTT and its regional and branch offices; the heads of the organizations of the regional innovation infrastructure, as well as representatives of SMEs.

Guided by a specialized panel of lecturers, participants were deepen their knowledge on available IFI (World Bank/IFC, EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EIB European Investment Bank & others) programs and financing facilities, with a particular focus, based on the feedback received from the Needs Assessment Questionnaire provided at the opening of FIT4SMEs, on the following:
- Joint IFI Action Plan
- EBRD SBS Small Business Support Team - EGP Enterprise Growth Programme, ex TAM, and BAS Business Advisory Services
- EBRD TFP - Trade Facilitation Programme
- EBRD Moldova Microlending Framework and Ukraine Microlending Programme
- EIB Easterns Partners Facility
- IFC Country Partnership Strategies
- WB/IFC Acces to Finance and Competitiveness Enahancement Services and programmes

The training session program is available here.

Presentations were made at the training session are available after June 5 at the site http://www.fit4smes.net/.

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