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 Workshop of the TAIEX was held in Minsk
Workshop "Commercializing scientific research and developments (CSRD)" was held in Minsk on February 6-7, 2012.
The workshop was organized by
the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and TAIEX under the support of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT).
Aim of the workshop: To provide the beneficiaries with the necessary information (concept, legislation, structures, best practice examples, etc.) to harmonize the existing legislation on CSRD in Belarus with the existing EU legislation.
Over 100 persons participated in the workshop — representatives of RCTT its regional and branch offices, officials from ministries, administrations, scientific and educational institutions, business associations from Belarus, international experts.
In the framework of the workshop director RCTT Alexander Uspenskiy made report on "The concept of commercializing scientific research and developments (CSRD) – Current state-of-play in Belarus"
Further information on the workshop (agenda and presentations) could be found

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