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 Second Newsletter of the project "COOL Bricks" published
The second Newsletter of the project "COOL Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments" has been published.
The project COOL Bricks is carried out in the context of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013. The project partners are 18 organizations form 9 countries: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and Finland. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer represents Belarus.
In the second newsletter you will find:
- summaries of project partner meetings in Helsinki and Malmö
- summaries of  project-related seminars with partners' participation in Riga, Minsk, Lida, Stockholm, Kalmar and Hamburg
- information about progress made on workpakages "Policy Development", "Technical Innovations", "Education and Economic Promotion"
- brief description of Schwan & Spehr Architects wall tempering system
- dates of events scheduled for 2012 related to the theme of the project.
Pdf-version of the newsletter is available here.

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