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 New Guide on Cross-Border Project Implementation in Belarus
ENPI CBC Project Implementation in Belarus a guide to national requirements in Belarus relevant for the implementation of projects financed under ENPI CBC Programmes. This manual is produced by the Regional Capacity Building Initiative (RCBI), an EU project designed to support participation by Belarus, other Partner Countries and Russia in the ENPI CBC Programmes.

Belarus participates in three programmes funded under the European Union‘s European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument Cross Border Cooperation (ENPI CBC)1, Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus and Poland-Belarus-Ukraine ENPI CBC programmes and the Baltic Sea Region Programme.

The information in this Guide is based on the practical experience of national governmental bodies, regional and local authorities and NGOs in project implementation and financial management in Belarus.
This Guide will be particularly useful for ENPI CBC project Beneficiaries and Partners in Belarus.
However it will also be helpful for ENPI CBC programme managers, ENPI CBC project Partners from outside Belarus and potential Applicants/Partners from inside and outside Belarus who need to understand what is required to implement projects in Belarus. Although designed for projects under ENPI CBC programmes, the Guide may also have information relevant for other international technical assistance programmes in Belarus.

The Guide focuses on two phases of the project cycle: Implementation, and evaluation and audit. It covers the following steps, with a number of relevant topics, in regard to national regulations and the experience of Belarusian organisations in implementing international projects:
- Project approval and registration;
- Project start-up and implementation;
- Project audit and reporting.

The Guide you can download

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