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 Approved State Program "Castles of Belarus" for 2012–2018

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved by the Resolution No. 17 of January 6, 2012 the State Program "Castles of Belarus" for 2012–2018.

The purpose of the State Program is to create favorable conditions for the preservation, restoration and rational use of historical and cultural heritage objects, development of domestic and inbound tourism.

It is expected that the implementation of the Program will contribute to revival and preservation of cultural and spiritual heritage of Belarus and strengthen the country's prestige in the international community.

More than Br131 billion is planned to spend on the Program in 2012–2018, including Br2.5 billion from the national budget, about Br129 billion from local budgets and Br25 million investors' funds. In addition, funds from the State Investment Program, which is annually approved by the President Decree, will be allocated for these purposes.

According to research materials of ancient architecture in different times at the territory of Belarus there are existed not less than 150 castles with unique history, architectural and landscape features. The Program provides for restoration and renovation works at 38 objects.

The State Program is developed according to the President Order of December 16, 2010.
State customers of the Program are the Ministry of Culture and regional executive committees. Customers will monitor within their competence the implementation of the Program. Every year up to February 10 the Ministry of Culture will receive a progress report and based on it prepare information for the Council of Ministers until 25 February.

Objectives of the 2007–2013 Baltic Sea Region Programme Project "COOL Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments" carried out in Belarus by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer aimed at implementation of the State Program "Castles of Belarus" by:
- creating databases of innovative technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption of historic buildings without affecting their cultural values,
- developing new curricula and textbooks for architects, designers and builders,
- familiarizing Belarusian stakeholders and experts with new technologies for improving energy efficiency of historic buildings.

More information about the project can be found at the site
www.co2olbricks.eu and the site of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer ictt.by.

© National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Innovation Association "RCTT"
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