"Innovation Technologies for Improving the Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings"

In the context of the "3rd Belarusian Innovation Forum" the session "Innovation technologies for improving the energy efficiency in historic buildings" took place in Minsk on November 18, 2011.

Following presentations were given at the session:

- "COOL Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments" — a project of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013
Dr. Alexader Uspenskiy, director, Republican Centre for Technology Transfer

- "The experience of energy efficient construction and energy efficiency issues in restoration of historic buildings in the Republic of Belarus"
Dr. Leonid Danilevski, deputy director,
Dr. Anatoli Charkashin, head of laboratory, RUE "Institute NIPTIS named after S.S. Ataev" (Minsk)

- "Architectural products for restoration of historic buildings"
Prof. Ivan Levitski, head of department,
Dr. Yury Pavlukevich,
Prof. Ivan Pisch,
Dr. Evgenia Dyatlova, EE "Belarusian State Technological University" (Minsk)

- "Energy efficient restoration of historic buildings in Saxony (Germany)"
Aliaksei Uspenski, principal specialist, Republican Centre for Technology Transfer

- "Efficient building products of Belarusian manufacturers which can be used to reduce the energy consumption of historic buildings"
Dr. Mikhail Dzenisenka, head of technology transfer department, Republican Centre for Technology Transfer.

At conclusion a round table discussion take place where participants discussed the problems of energy-efficient restoration of historic buildings and their solutions.

Presentations made during the session will be included in proceedings of the "3rd Belarusian Innovation Forum".