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 UNIDO Workshop on Technology Foresight

On 29-31 August 2011 Bucharest (Romania) will host a UNIDO Mutual Learning Workshop: Strategic Intelligence for Extended Regional Coherence  (UNIDO Eurasian Virtual Center for Foresight 2.0). Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy is to take part in the event as the representative of Belarus. 


The workshop aims at setting a forum of exchange and agreement on the further development and implementation of the Eurasian Virtual Center for Foresight, or similar initiative, to expand and consolidate the use of future-looking methods in the decision making of the CEE/NIS region. This workshop will also inaugurate a series of dialogue interactions, both physical and using IT facilities, to strengthen the initiative.


In the framework of the workshop will be considered following problems:

·         Concept and rationale for developing virtual knowledge centers and networks

·         Reasons for relaunching Eurasian Virtual Center for Foresight: EVC 2.0 – The New Concept

·         EVC 2.0 – Functions, Activities and Organization

·         EVC 2.0 – Membership and Funding Strategy

·         Foresight Platform and other EU Activities

·         FORwiki – A Web 2.0 Tool for Building Foresight Capabilities


Programme of the workshop

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