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 Express-Analysis of Technical Solutions for Restoration of Historical Buildings

At present an international technical assistance project "COOL Bricks — Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments" is being implemented in Belarus. The project is carried out in the context of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 – 2013. Project partners are 18 organizations form 9 countries. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) represents Belarus.


In the frame of the project RCTT is entrusted with the task to conduct express-analysis of technical solutions aimed to reduce energy consumption of historical buildings without destroying their cultural value, which are used in Belarus during restoration works. Express-analysis will be based on forms filled by interested organizations.


The purpose of the express-analysis is to identify technologies, which are used in Belarus to reduce energy consumption of historical buildings without destroying their cultural value and identity.


Revealed technologies will be evaluated by European experts and in case of positive evaluation recommended for application in countries of the Baltic Sea Region.


The electronic form "Characteristics of the renovated historical building" (in Russian) is available for download here (in Russian).


Please send the filled forms (preferably in electronic form) until August 29, 2011 to the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer: Nezavisimosti Ave, 66-100, 220072, Minsk, Belarus (Tel.: +375 17 2841499, Fax: +375 17 2840749, e-mail: uspenskiy@mail.ru).

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