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 Contemporary Approaches to Mechanical Rubber Materials and Tyres Recycling

We are pleased to invite you to participate in International Theoretical and Practical Conference «Contemporary Approaches to Mechanical Rubber Materials and Tyres Recycling», which will be held on the 1–2nd of June in Russian Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas in auditorium 444 (65, Leninsky prospect, Moscow, Russian Federation).


The conference is held on the initiative of:

·         Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation,

·         UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Co-operation in the Russian Federation,

·         Fund “National Cleaner Production Centre of UNIDO in the Russian Federation”,

·         Association to facilitate the recovery and recycling of tires “SHINEKOLOGIYA”,

·         Russian Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas,

·         Independent Non-profit Organization “International Centre for the Best Environmental Technologies”.


The conference will consist of four sections with presentations followed by round table:

·         Ecological and legal aspects of waste rubber goods and tires management.

·         The problems of rubber goods and tires disposal.

·         Modern technologies and scientific research in waste rubber goods and tires disposal.

·         Innovative manufacturing technologies of products from rubber goods and tires recycling and its application.

·         Rubber goods and tires recycling integration to the industry of secondary resources.


Leading specialists from multiple countries, power officials, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and business community dealing with rubber goods and tires will participate in the conference.

Recommendations prepared during the conference will be used by State Duma of the Russian Federation Committee on Natural Resources, Nature Management and Ecology and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation when formulating legislative initiatives to set up the industry of secondary resources recycling in the Russian Federation.



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