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 10-Day International Practical Training in Energy Auditing

The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre - http://www.namstct.org/) invites nominations of the specialists and professionals from belorussians government departments, academic institutions, energy sector, private sectors and voluntary agencies with relevant background and active involvement in energy conservation in a 10-days International Hands-On Training on Energy Audit for Energy Professionals in Developing Countries during 4-14th May 2011 at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


The training is organized jointly with the Centre for Energy Research and Policy Analysis (CESPA), Trivandrum, India.

The training program includes:

·    2-day introductory classes,

·    5-day workshops on energy audit under the guidance of experts,

·    1-day tour / excursion;

·    2-day in the debriefing and performance progress report.


Training is conducted in English. Participants are advised to bring their own laptops. The selection will be made on the quality of the theses, which applicants must provide, together with the completed application form.


More detailed conditions for participation in the seminar can be found here.

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