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Conferences, exhibitions and seminars with RCTT participation in 2011
Date Venue Description, title of the event

RCTT's clients partaking in the event and their R&D products displayed at the event

1 04-08 April Hannover, Germany National exposition of Belarus at the Hannover Industrial Exhibition View RCTT's clients list
2 26-29 April Minsk, Belarus 18th International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies "TIBO-2011" View RCTT's clients list
3 27-29 April Novosibirsk, Russia National Exhibition of Republic of Belarus in Novosibirsk View RCTT's clients list
4 17-20 May Minsk, Belarus International Exhibitions Project "Belarussian Industrial Forum - 2011" View RCTT's clients list
5 24-27 May Minsk, Belarus 6th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery "MILEX 2011" View RCTT's clients list
6 7-12 June Minsk, Belarus 21st International Specialised Exhibition "BELAGRO-2011" View RCTT's clients list
7 28 June - 3 July Minsk, Belarus International Exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) "20 Years of the CIS: Towards New Horizons of Partnership" View RCTT's clients list
8 17-19 July Johannesburg, South Africa National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of South Africa "SAITEX" View RCTT's clients list
9 7-10 September Almaty, Kazahstan VI National Exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Kazahstan View RCTT's clients list
10 11-14 October Minsk, Belarus 16th International Specialized Exhibition & 16th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Congress (Energy Expo ’2011) View RCTT's clients list

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