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 Beneficiary And Partner Seminar

On March 24 – 25, 2011 the Beneficiary and partner seminar aimed at the implementers of the projects approved for funding during the 1st Call for Proposals of the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus took place in conference centre "Dubingiai", Molètai district (Lithuania). The seminar was organized by Jointed Managing Authority: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and the Joined Technical Secretariat of the Programme.


The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer is a partner in the program "Innovation networking for economic development" (LT.InnoConnect.BY).


The issues regarding preparation and implementation of the projects were considered and discussed during the seminar. The employees of the Joint Technical Secretariat made presentations about:

  • Preparation of the Grant Contract
  • Project implementation
  • Communication and publicity
  • Procurement procedures
  • Budget and eligible expenditures of the project
  • Reporting and audit of the project

Ivan Belchik, Head of Department for Cooperation with International Organizations and Coordination of Technical Assistance, Ministry of Economy, informed the participants of the seminar about government processes, regulating the provision of international technical assistance in the Republic of Belarus.


On the last day of the seminar individual consultations with the representatives of the Joint Technical Secretariat were offered to the participants.


Presentations shown during the seminar will be available for download on the website of the Programme (www.enpi-cbc.eu).

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