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   Switch to Russian 2011 * March 2011 * 14.03.2011 Saturday, December 07, 2019  
 Seminar "Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity"

Starting from March 14–18 Institute “Kadry Industrii” is holding refresher course "Strategic Business Management Issues: New in Technologies, Marketing and Economy."


The target group of the course are 34 directors of the enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus appointed during 2010-2011.


On March 14 within the framework of the course Alexander Uspensky, Director of RCTT, held seminar “Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity”. The following issues were touched upon during the seminar:

  • role and international experience of technology transfer;
  • technology transfer means;
  • current state and prospects of the technology transfer development in the Republic of Belarus.

Each seminar attendee received a set of RCTT leaflets:


Besides, the attendees were informed regarding the procedure manuals of RCTT, in particular:


and etc.

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