Seminar "Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity"

From January 31 to February 4, Minsk, the Institute "Kadry Industrii" (the Institute of Professional Resources in Industry) holds a refresher course "New in technologies, equipment and management."


Audiences of the course are senior engineers, their assistants and the provision for these posts, experts of technological services, industrial enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus. During the course, participants familiarized themselves with the legislative framework and government policies in terms of quality, modern innovative technology companies, the methods of planning, development and implementation of innovation policy. In addition, the public was introduced to modern technological solutions for development and modernization of production at the plant, in particular:

  • using a supercomputer of SKIF family in the technological preparation of production:
  • application of computer aided design in Catia V5 3D design based on the experience gained in working with companies BMW, Volkswagen.

The agenda of the training course provided for a four-hour seminar “Technology Transfer as an Element of the National Innovation Activity”, delivered on 31 January and moderated by Director of RCTT Alexander Uspenskiy.


During the seminar there were several topical issues taken up:

  • the role of technology transfer and the world experience in it;
  • the means and instruments of technology transfer;
  • the current state and prospects for development of technology transfer in Belarus.

Each of the trainees received a set of the leaflets and issued by RCTT:

In addition, the trainees were informed about the manuals of RCTT, in particular:

and etc.