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 Cooperation between RCTT, Center for Systems Analysis & Strategic Research And FBK-Bel Company

December 15, 2010 the director of the Center for Systems Analysis and Strategic Research Sergey Dedkov, the director of the Republican Centre for technology transfer Alexander Uspenskiy and the director of the FBK-Bel Company Aleksey Reneyskiy have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, that assumes the cooperation of the Parties in the field of consulting services and business planning.


In particular, according to the Memorandum signed, the Parties undertook to provide each other all the information needed on points of mutual interest as well as to conduct joint negotiations with common partners on eventual services.


It is supposed that the first issue of negotiating Parties will become the development of the technical and economical project “Setup for production of LED equipment in Belarus”. It includes joint analysis of LED products markets, conducting the independent expertises and researches, preparation of analytical reports and certificates.

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