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 RoyaltyStat Database

RoyaltyStat is the premier subscription database, containing nearly 10,000 easily searchable license agreements from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, www.sec.gov). Provides a wide range of opportunities to companies, for example , to establish the value of intangibles or to set up royalty rates for its products in comparison with similar products.


RoyaltyStat database includes all the necessary tools to find information quickly, powerful analytical tools and the most comprehensive volume of license agreements, where you can find:


- Specific royalty rates,

- Technical details of the transaction,

- Mechanisms for valuation of intangible assets

- Financial performance, and more.


RoyaltyStat suites perfectly for a variety of marketing decisions, such as benchmarking. Subscriber on the database receives a convenient solution for finding relevant information, which eliminates him from hundreds of research hours you would otherwise spend combing countless sources to get the specific industry data you need. Daily updates and 24/7 access allows you to quickly and efficiently get all the necessary information.


An annual subscription provides up to 100 full-text license agreement downloads, including  exclusive Royalty Tableau complete with information about the licensor, licensee, property description, royalty rate as well as powerful tools for various kinds of analysis.


Subscribers to the database are the various tax authorities use it for transfer pricing compliance and establishing the value of intangibles. These include the Danish Tax Department, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Mexico's Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT), and the Danish Tax Department.


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