Proceedings of 1st Belarusian Innovation Forum: Complete Electronic Release on CD

An electronic issue of the complete compendium of the materials and proceedings of the International Conference of Applied Science “1st Belarusian Innovation Forum” (held on 17-18 November in Minsk) in 2 volumes has been recently released on CDs [ISBN 978-985-6950-19-6 (CD)].


Volume 1 comprises

·         the opening address by I.V. Voytov, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus,

·         the welcome address by Antonius Broek, UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative;

·         the Resolution of International Conference of Applied Science “1st Belarusian Innovation Forum”;

·         materials related to the role of young people and their influence on formation and development of the national innovation system (drawn by representatives of the Innovation Convention of Youth “Youth and Innovation”).


Volume 2 consists of the previously unreleased materials of the following sessions:

  • Session 1. Policies and Legislation Applicable to Innovation Activity, Introduction of a System of Innovation-Based Development Indices, Establishment of the Entities that Belong to Innovation Infrastructure (Technoparks, Business Incubators, Innovation Centres, Technology Transfer Centres, Venture Entities). Overview of the Present State, Problems and Challenges, Deliberation at Practicable Solutions.
  • Session 2. The Funding System of Innovation Projects, Including Commercialization of Research.
  • Session 3. The Policies and Legislation in the Domains of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Protection.
  • Session 4. State-Private Partnership in Technology Transfer and Establishment of Innovation Enterprises.
  • Session 5. Technology Foresight as an Instrument for Innovation-Driven Development.
  • Session 7. International Integration in Innovation Activity.
  • Session 8. Presentations of Innovation and Investment Projects in the New and High Technology Sphere.

The released compendium is meant for the use of governmental bodies and public authorities, managerial staff of higher educational, academic, research institutions and other organizations, as well as anyone professionally involved in innovation-related activities.


The electronic version of the complete compendium is posted here.