RCTT to participate in new regional project of UNIDO

The Conference “Formation of a United Economic Environment for EurAsEC, Enhancement of the Industrial Integration of EurAsEC Member Countries and Linkages with the UNIDO Global Networks” was held on 30 June through 1 July 2010 in Moscow. The three-day event, dedicated to the special regional project of UNIDO for the Eurasian Economic Community, was held by the UN Industrial Development organization, EurasEC and the Russian Foreign Ministry. It brought together more than 50 experts and policy makers from ministries and agencies, as well as from national business associations of Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, UNIDO officers and representatives of some EurAsEC agencies (the Eurasian Bank for Development, Eurasian Business Union, High Technology Centre).


The conference provided the platform to consider the main issues as follows:

  • presentation of the UNIDO Project;
  • the role of EurAsEC regional institutions in the cross-regional integration;
  • the current state and prospective cross-regional integration of the Russian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Tajik, Armenian and Kyrgyz economies;
  • organization and management of the Project;
  • the role of the national partner organizations to UNIDO in the Project;
  • the implementation sectors for the Project and the action plan suggested by UNIDO.

Belarus was represented by Alexander Uspenskiy, Director of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer. He presented the report “Industrial Integration of EurAsEC Member Countries and its Influence on the Economic Development of Belarus: the Current State and Prospects” jointly drawn by the National Investment Agency and the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship (Belarus). The report substantiated the appropriateness of creation of a united information network for technology transfer and investment serving the EurAsEC countries based on the RCTT Network (ictt.by), while the subcontracting network for EurAsEC could be feasibly based on the resources of the Web portal for information support of Russian SMEs (www.subcontract.ru).


The opinion exchange on the aforementioned issues resulted in two principal resolutions:

(1)   There should be working groups created of the EurAsEC countries on the three sectors (investment, technology transfer, subcontracting) to develop the respective sector-wise proposals regarding the work plans for the UNIDO Project;

(2)   There should be a special session held under the aegis of the 2nd Belarusian Innovation Forum to take up the challenges and prospects for integration of EurAsEC countries in the areas of investment, technology transfer and industrial cooperation; also, there should be a joint meeting of the would-be working groups held to consider and approve the final version of the Project Work Plan.