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 RCTT to Collaborate with IPM-Consult Invest

The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer and IPM-Consult Invest, Ltd. (http://www.en.ipmconsult.by/) have made an agreement of their collaboration.

Implementation of the agreement would make for meeting of the goals set by the Belarusian Government, specifically those of enhancement of the system and quality of business planning and prognostication of commercial entities; it would also be conducive to the investment and innovation activity in this country.

The framework of the agreement comprises

·         five-year development forecasts for commercial entities, year-ahead development business plans, business planning for investment projects, other kinds of sci-tech products related to analysis, prognostication and development of activity of specific commercial entities and of the branch in general; expert appraisal and analyses;

·         marketing support and mutual promotion of the parties during the activity in concern with the agreement.

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