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 Kazakh Centre for Transfer and Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies Joined RCTT Network

The Centre for Transfer and Commercialization of Agricultural Technologies (CTCAT; http://www.at2.kz) and the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) have recently made the contract that provided for membership of the CTCAT in the RCTT Network.


There are a few basic reasons behind the covenant:

  • development of the RCTT Network meant to promote the collaboration between the developers, entrepreneurs and investors in the fields of development and application of high-technology-based and science-intensive products in Belarus and abroad;
  • development of the exchange of information, experience and methodological materials between the partners;
  • development of the infrastructure that supports entrepreneurship and professional training in the technology transfer domain.

Under the signed contract CTCAT agreed to

  • ensure active search of technology offers/requests and investment proposals, audit of revealed technologies, input of the obtained information to its entrusted databases on the Web portal http://ictt.by;
  • inform the RCTT Network members of activities undertaken in Kazakhstan, should such activities fit in the activity sectors of the RCTT Network or be of interest to specialists in those fields;
  • promote innovation/investment offers of other members of the RCTT Network across Belarus and other countries (based on particular business/agency agreements);
  • provide its specialists to other members of the RCTT Network, should such specialists be requested as consultants or experts for projects or programmes of RCTT Network members (on particular agreements);
  • assist RCTT in holding of educational, consulting, instructing events for the RCTT Network members (on the basis of particular agreements);
  • popularize, promote and publicize the RCTT Network in Kazakhstan, among its partners and clients.

© National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Innovation Association "RCTT"
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