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 Forthcoming Conference on Innovation-Based Development

The International Conference “Problems in Innovation-Driven Development and Creative Thought at the Turn of the Century: H.F. von Storch, S. Witte, A.A. Bogdanov” is to take place in Minsk, at the Institute of Economics (under the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) on 25- 26 March 2010.


During four panel sessions and a roundtable meeting participants will deliberate on the focal areas of the Conference:

Session 1: Modern Aspects of Encouraging Innovation-Concerned Activity

Session 2: Long Range Planning and Technology Foresight in Innovation-Based Economy;

Session 3: The Role of Socially Functional Innovations in Market Economies;

Session 4: Problems of Innovation-Based Development and Succession of the Economic Thought. Scientific Heritage of H.F. von Storch, S. Witte, A.A. Bogdanov;

The roundtable meeting: Problems Faced in the Formation of the National Innovation System: Education, Science, Production, Market.


Session 2 will be held with the organizational and methodological support provided by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer.


Participants are invited to sent the following to the Organizing Committee of the event:

  • an application of participation in the Conference;
  • principal points (theses) of the suggested report (as a print copy and an electronic file).

The contact information of the Organizing Committee:

The Institute of Economics under the NAS Belarus,

1, bldg 2 Surganova St., 220072 Minsk, Belarus;

phone no.: +375 17 2841889;

fax no.: +375 17 2840919;

e-mail: innovation@economics.basnet.by, innovation_econ@economics.basnet.by


The deadline for submission of the materials is 19 March 2010.


Participants will be registered on 25 March from 9 till 10 a.m. in the foyer of the Institute.


The application form, participation terms and technical requirements of the submitted materials are posted here.

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