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 Kazakhstan to Hold Innovation Congress and Exhibition of Industry and Innovation

The Exhibition of Industry and Innovation and the Innovation Congress will start on 1 July 2010 in Astana (Kazakhstan). The first time ever the two events are to be held under the aegis of the Economic Forum in Astana, with the partaking of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbaev.


Among the expected participants of the Congress and Exhibition there are Prime Minister of Kazakhstan K. K. Masimov, the Nobel Prize winner in Economics Professor Edmund Felps, Professor Roberta Mandell and other prominent scientists. Besides, statesmen, top- and high-ranking officials from several international organizations will attend the events, along with well-known public figures, representatives of big business from Kazakhstan and abroad. The Exhibition and Congress will be covered by the local and foreign mass media. The main organizer is the Joint-Stock Company the National Innovation Foundation.


The framework of the Congress provides for

  • overview of the advanced experience in development of innovation-based economy in Finland, Norway, Germany, South Korea; analysis of the role of innovation-specialized institutions in the process of formation of the national innovation systems in the aforementioned countries;
  • review and analysis of prospects for development of the domestic innovation system in Kazakhstan, opinion exchange with international experts, working out guidelines for adaptation of the most successful development patterns of innovation-driven economies and application thereof to the innovation system of Kazakhstan.

To be selected for the Exhibition of Industry and Innovation, the applicants should show

  • that their projects are of high innovative capacity, financially attractive, industrially applicable and practicable;
  • that the production prototypes, patents in concern with the innovation projects are already available;
  • their being ready to sign agreements and letters of understanding with foreign partners or investors during the events.

Selected exhibitors will get the unique opportunity to efficiently promote the own innovative products, projects and solutions to the Kazakh and foreign markets. There is a catalogue of the exhibitors and presented projects to be published upon the exhibition.


There are no participation fees charged for the events.


To get registered as a potential exhibitor and/or participant of the Congress, you should send the respective application(s), questionnaire form, CV and your personal photo to the Organizing committee.


The comprehensive information about the Congress and Exhibition, participation terms, application and questionnaire forms are posted here.

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