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 Software Engineering Forum Belarus 2010

Software Engineering Forum Belarus 2010 (SEF.BY) is to take place in Minsk on 19-20 May 2010. The annual international Forum held in Belarus is the main event dedicated to software engineering. It highlights the leading-edge technologies, best national experience and the world’s most advanced techniques and practices, innovations in the domain of software engineering. Besides, the Forum is a springboard to career programmers.


The event is organized by the Administration of the High Technologies Park (www.park.by), the Scientific and Technological Association Infopark (www.infopark.by).


The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (http://ictt.by) is the information partner of the event.


The goals and objectives of the Forum are

  • to make for formation of the Software Engineering Expert Community in Belarus;
  • to enhance the competence and expert knowledge of the local IT specialists;
  • to consolidate opinions of IT specialists while referring to the trends of today;
  • to promote the integration in the global practices, experience and trends in software engineering along a wide scope of subject-wise lines;
  • to provide an overview of the existing labour market and its trends with respect to programme engineering;
  • to help enhance the professional training of IT specialists in programme engineering;
  • to support the development of programme engineering as business;
  • to position the region, in terms of competences, with respect to the local practices and trends.

The target audience of the SEF.BY 2010 are:

  • managers/directors of IT-specialized enterprises;
  • top managers and project managers;
  • systems analysts/integrators, business analysts;
  • systems architects, designers;
  • managers of software developing groups;
  • (senior) programmers, key programming engineers;
  • engineering data developers;
  • specialists engaged in commercialization, application;
  • information security professionals;
  • IT product/service sales specialists (sales managers, marketing managers/directors);
  • representatives of the bodies and agencies regulating the IT sector;
  • university students specializing in the focal areas of the Forum;
  • representatives (professors, lecturers) of the university chairs specialized in the focal areas of the Forum;
  • representatives of consulting agencies.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum invites you to this impressing international event.


This year the framework of the Forum provides for plenary meetings, panel reports, master class events, topic-wise roundtable meetings, flip chart sessions. The Forum’s agenda has been subdivided by the topics approved by the Organizing Committee.


Authors of reports/presentations are welcome to register their applications online, on the special Web site of the Forum (please, go SEF.BY).


1 April 2010 is the deadline for submission of report/presentation topics and theses.


Full-text reports and/or complete slide presentations are to be submitted by 16 April 2010.


Please, visit the Web site http://sef.by for detailed participation terms.

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