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 RCTT to Cooperate with the Counterpart in Moldova

The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer has signed a cooperation agreement with the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The newly signed agreement is primarily poised at strengthening of multilateral ties in the development processes of innovation and technology transfer field, new technologies and innovation activities, as well as promotion of cooperation in fields of mutual interest.


According to the covenant, the parties will cooperate on an array of activities:

·        ensuring the implementation of scientific and science-and-technology focused research projects in the priority directions of development of innovation and technology transfer entrusted to the resident scientific institutions of the countries represented by the two parties of the agreement;

·        organizing international contacts to promote activities in the fields of innovation and technology transfer;

·         joint participation in international projects and programs;

·         participation in joint projects for national and international grants competitions;

·        promoting access of researchers and professionals (citizens of Belarus and Moldova) to the equipment and technologies held by scientific institutions resident of the two countries, for the research purposes;

·        other initiatives in accordance with the objectives set in the agreement, should they be of mutual interest to the parties.

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