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 International Seminar "Experience of RCTT Technology Transfer Network"

The Seminar “Experience of RCTT Technology Transfer Network” was held on 3-4 December 2009 in Astana, Republic Kazakhstan. The event was delivered by specialists of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) for representatives of Kazakhstan’s enterprises interested in cooperation with Belarusian enterprises and organizations. The main goals of the seminar were

·         to familiarize the participants with the outcomes of the research and development activity in the priority fields of Belarusian technology, with the information resources and services of the RCTT offered to companies and investors;

·         to transfer the knowledge and train representatives of Kazakhstan’s enterprises in filling of the innovative/investment projects forms on the http://ictt.by, the UNIDO Exchange Network, Russian Technology Transfer Network (RTTN), the European IRC Network, the American network yet2.com. The attendees gained hands-on experience and practical knowledge required for effective work at the RCTT Technology Transfer Network, as well as the certificates of due form, which certify the training received.

© National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Innovation Association "RCTT"
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