RCTT Highlights Catalogue of European Technology Platforms and Networks of Excellence

The Catalogue of European Technology Platforms and Networks of Excellence has been compiled under the auspices of the ISTOK-SOYUZ Project “Information Society Technologies to Open Knowledge for Eastern Europe and Central Asia” supported by the European Commission by the European Commission to explore new opportunities for ICT collaboration between European Union (EU) and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries and to foster the EU ICT programme awareness activities in order to increase the number of the international collaboration projects involving partners from EECA countries, in particular, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan.


This Catalogue includes a list and a brief overview of several European Technology Platforms (ETP) and Networks of excellence (NoE), which expressed underlined interest in collaboration with EECA organizations, working in the ICT field. This Catalogue could help EECA organizations to identify new strategic partners for future cooperation among relevant European ICT Networks (ETP and NoE).


Joining ETP and NoE could be beneficial for EECA organizations by increasing their visibility in the European arena. This action could support the transition of EECA science and technology results towards the businesses and market that could also allow to progressively moving the EECA Science sector- traditionally based on Fundamental Research - towards Applied Research strongly oriented around market needs. Joining ETP and NoE could also pave the way to extending the network of EECA organizations. Furthermore, EECA research teams could have the opportunity to participate and to obtain privileged access to numerous ICT related events, organised by the ETP and NoE. Overall, the EECA research teams could benefit from the real opportunity to extend the potentialities within the research field, to perform ideas, knowledge, know-how capabilities, and to open new technological markets.


In order to connect teams and research organizations from 5 target countries (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), to ICT related European Technology Platforms (ETP) and Networks of Excellence (NoE), ISTOK-SOYUZ offers its assistance in partners’ search, integration of EECA partners into ETP and NoE networks and partnerships building.


The cooperation will be expanded through an array of immediate actions (e.g., introduction of organization to the main ETP and NoEs) and medium term actions (building of partnerships through consortia to be proposed to future FP7-ICT calls and encourage new memberships in these networks). The ISTOK-SOYUZ project could cover subscription fees if needed.


Belarusian organizations that would like to join the ETP and NoE are supposed to fill out the relevant Interest Expression forms and email them to the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer ictt@pochta.ru.