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 RCTT to Collaborate with SBC Corporation (Republic of Korea)

On 30 September, a group from the Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC), headed by the Company’s President Ki-Woo Lee, visited the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer.


The guests acknowledged themselves with the Centre’s activity scope and introduced their corporation to the Belarusian party, whereupon they were guided through the Exhibition “Achievements of the National Science Intended for the Production Sector”. The parties exchanged their views of the current status and prospective collaboration between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Korea in the sphere of technology transfer. During the meeting Belarus was represented by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Mr. V. Nedilko, Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy, Head of the International liaisons Department of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Mr. V. Podkopayev.


The meeting resulted in signing of a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding between RCTT and the SBC. According to the document, the parties agreed to cooperate in the technology transfer domain and thus carry out an array of activities in exchange of the available sci-tech information and experts with the purpose of promotion of further cooperation between the SMEs of Belarus and South Korea in technology commercialization.


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