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 New subsection on International Exhibitions "Belpromexpo"

The new subsection on International Exhibitions “Belpromexpo – modern plant”, “Welding@, Energy- and Recourse Saving”  (19-22 May 2009, Minsk) is hosted on ictt.by, in the “Exhibition” section.


The display set of the advanced R&D solutions from National Academy of Sciences will be presented by the state research institutes and enterprises, namely:


  1. State Scientific Institution “THE INSTITUTE OF METAL TECHNOLOGY” (about, exhibits, presentation, movie).
  2. State Scientific Institution “THE POWDER METALLURGY INSTITUTE” (about, exhibits, movie 1, movie 2).
  3. State Scientific Institution THE A.V.LYKOV INSTITUTE OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER (about, exhibits, information on basic activities, presentation).
  4. State Scientific Institution “THE INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS” (about, exhibits).
  5. State Scientific Institution “THE B.I.STEPANOV INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS” (about, exhibits).
  6. State Scientific Institution “THE V.A.BIELY INSTITUTE OF MECHANICS OF METAL-POLYMER” SYSTEMS (about, exhibits).
  7. State Scientific Institution “THE PHYSICAL-ENGINEERING INSTITUTE” (about, exhibits, presentation).

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