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 Mogilev Hosted Seminar for Better Innovation Activity in Region

The seminar "Organization and Methodology Related Aspects of Activization of the Innovation Activity of the Legal Entities in the Mogilev Region" was held in Mogilev, at the Strommashina Road Maintenance Machine-building Plant on 27 May 2009. The event was organized by the Scientific and Analytical Centre for Information, Innovations and Technology Transfer (Mogilev) and the Executive Committee of the Mogilev region.


The seminar brought together more than 80 representatives of the local entities from across the Mogilev region. They conferred on the most topical issues in relation with the innovation-related activity at their entrusted enterprises and companies. Director of RCTT Alexander Uspenskiy presented the report “Options and Opportunities Offered by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer to Promote the Innovation Activity at the Economic Entities of the Mogilev Region”. On order to ensure somewhat closer familiarization with the ideas highlighted in the report, there were several background information materials distributed among the participants, viz.

·         manual “Technology Transfer Survey, Why Would Belarus Need It?”,

·         leaflet “RCTT: Promotion of Cooperation Between Hi-Tech Developers, Entrepreneurs and Investors”,

·         leaflet “Technology Transfer, What Is It?” (the leaflet preferably for young communities),

·         leaflet “Technology Transfer: Union of Science and Business” (the leaflet preferably for entrepreneurs).


In addition to the aforementioned leaflets and manuals issued under the Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies” (implemented and funded by the Government of Belarus, with co-funding and under the aegis of UNDP and UNIDO), there were distributed presentation materials on the Project “Information Technologies to Open Knowledge for Eastern Europe and Central Asia” implemented under the 7th Framework Programme of EU for science- and technology-related cooperation (RCTT had joined the projects recently), and a newsletter about the call for proposals to the ISTOK-SOYUZ Project (the initiative meant to intensify and expand the partnership in technology transfer in the ICT domain between the European Union, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine).


 The agenda of the seminar is posted here.

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