ISTOK-SOYUZ Project: Proposals for Current Internal Call Accepted to 15 June 2009

The previously announced deadline for the applications under the ISTOK-SOYUZ internal call for proposals has been postponed from 1 June to 15 June 2009.


Please follow this link to get the access to the set of the documents on the current call for proposals, including:

·         the Newsletter;

·         the Application Form for the participation in the call for proposals under the ISTOK-SOYUZ Project;

·         the conventional ICT Taxonomy under the ISTOK-SOYUZ Project;

·         the objectives and tasks set for the 5th and 6th calls in the ICT field under the FP7;

·         the most frequently asked questions related to the calls for proposals in the ICT domain under the FP7.


The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer will readily provide and further consultancy and additional information support regarding your participation in the call for proposals. Please, contact Alexander Uspenskiy by phone (+375 17 2841499) or e-mail (