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 Seminar "Technology Transfer as an Element of National Innovation Activity"

Another seminar “Technology Transfer as an Element of National Innovation Activity” was held at the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer. This time the target audience consisted of the trainees of the advanced training course “Innovation in Science, Education and Industry” delivered by the Republican Institute of Innovative Technologies with the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU). The seminar was moderated by Director of RCTT A. Uspenskiy.


26 trainees (pro-rectors, department heads, professors, associate professors) represented the BNTU. Before the seminar, the guests of RCTT visited the recently updated exhibition “Achievements of the National Science Intended for the Production Sector”.


The seminar highlighted the following issues:

  • the role of technology transfer and the world’s experience in it;
  • the means and instruments of technology transfer;
  • the present status and prospects for development of technology transfer in Belarus;
  • the necessity of introducing a training course on technology transfer to university curricula.

At the end of the visit each of the trainees received a set of the leaflets issued by RCTT:

In addition, Mr. Uspenskiy informed the trainees about the goals and objectives of the Project “Information Technologies to Open Knowledge for Eastern Europe and Central Asia” that had been implemented under the 7th Framework Programme of EU for science- and technology-related cooperation. RCTT had joined the projects recently. The Project is meant to assist the technology transfer in the ICT domain by helping primarily enterprises, organizations and institutions in the target countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and other Central Asian countries).


Basically, the goals of the Project are:

  • to reveal new opportunities for collaboration between the European Union, Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the ICT sector;
  • to promote science-related programmes run by the EU in the ICT field; involving the target countries in more sector-wise international projects.

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