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 New Manual Worked out for Technology Transfer Specialists

The reference manual, titled “Legal Protection of Computer Software and Databases”,  has been elaborated with the support extended from the international technical aid Project “Strengthening the National System for Technology Transfer in the Republic of Belarus on the Basis of Information and Communication Technologies”. The Project is implemented and funded by the Government of Belarus, with co-funding and under the aegis of UNDP and UNIDO.


The manual covers several approaches towards protection of copyrights and pursuance of the legal interests of software and database developers. There is valuable advice in the field of legal protection of software and database in compliance with the laws currently in action in Belarus and abroad. These tips are meant for the economic agents of the Republic of Belarus (both legal entities and individual persons). Besides, the manual touches upon various methods used for evaluation of computer software and databases in keeping with the Belarusian regulations, terms and provisions of international regulatory instruments and applicable evaluation procedures. One can refer to the manual in search of practical guidance on accounting of databases and software and protection of the IP rights for such products across the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation. In addition, the manual provides some suggestions to amend the laws and regulations meant to secure the rights of software and database developers in Belarus.


The target group of the guide book are primarily users of the RCTT Network, while it would also be of certain help to specialists engaged in the fields of technology transfer, patent agents, programmers, managers of innovatory companies, technoparks, commercialization centres, and employees thereof specializing in legal protection of IP rights related to computer software and databases.

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