Branch Office of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer at the Institute of Acoustic Engineering

RCTT’s branch office at the Institute of Acoustic Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was established in 2006 in Vitebsk.


Tasks set for the branch office:

  • support of innovation activity and technology transfer in the fields of investigation of physical regularities and mechanisms of action of concentrated energy flux (ultrasound, laser radiation, RF and microwave electromagnetic fields, ion-plasma beams) on the structure and properties of the condensed media, synthesis of new composites, constructional and ceramic materials with certain physical and mechanical properties in ultrasonic field, heat treatment methods for metals, technologies for metals using heat treatment methods, pressure and ultrasound, development of new devices and equipment, information technologies;
  • promotion of international innovation cooperation;
  • assistance in the implementation of state policy in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses.



  • the branch office offers services to innovation activity agents of Vitebsk and Vitebsk region;
  • forming regional information databases for technology offers and technology requests;
  • promotion to the authors of high technology in advancement of the research developments to consumer;
  • consultation in the sphere of intellectual property;
  • providing information by creation of contact network of scientific institutes of the Republic of Belarus with regional organizations;
  • presentation of innovation products in republican, international, regional exhibitions;
  • assistance in the implementation of regional policy in the sphere of commercialization and technology transfer;
  • assistance in development of innovation projects to be submitted for consideration at the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee and the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus;
  • organization of conferences, seminars.



The databases are currently available at the branch office: technology offers or requests, technology offers of young scientists and researches or requests of young scientists and researches.


If you are interested in any information from the database, you can contact us by phone, fax, mail or email.


If you would like to place your technology offer or request in the database, please write to the contact address or send an e-mail to



Technology offers

 Automated accounting system of fuel oil in tank batteries


 The onboard panel computer


 Speedometer electronic


 Tachometre electronic


 Technology of restoration of details a method of a cold dusting


 Pins from stainless steel with biocompatible coatings


 Production technology for yarn from short flax fiber


 Equipment for formation of threads with sheared pile


Technology requests

 Development of new volumetric and layered composite magnetoelectric materials


 Multifrequency laser sounding of gas mixes, containing carbonic gas


 Formation of coverings of a various functional purpose with use highly concentrated energy streams


Business ties

Polotsk State University

Vitebsk State Technological University

Vitebsk State Medal of People’s Friendship Medical University

P.Masherov’s Vitebsk State University

Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Open joint stock society factory «Vizas»

JSC «Experimental design office of   mechanical engineering»

Obol ceramic factory

JSC «Eton»


Orsha linen mill

Belama Plus Scientific Production Enterprise, Ltd.

 JSC «Medical enterprise Simurg»

RUE «Vityas»

RUE «Vitebsk plant of Electric Measuring Instruments»

RUE «Display»

RUE «Novopolotsk plant»




Ludnikova str., 13,

Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus, 210023,

Director: Yury V.Tsarenko
Phone: +375(212) 26 11 82
Fax: +375 (212) 24 39 53