International Seminar on Ecology of Liaohe Water Resources Took Place in China

On 26-28 October Shenyang City (the Laoning Province, China) hosted All-China International Seminar on Ecology of the Water Resources of Liaohe River.


The Seminar was attended by Chinese, Belarusian and Russian scientists and researchers specializing in telmathology and water treatment. The trip of the delegates of Belarus was arranged by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer, on invitation and with financial support from the State Administration for Foreign Expert s Affairs of the Liaoning Province.


Among the rest, the agenda of the Seminar included the report “Belarus’ Experience in Recovery of Swamps, Marshes and the Biosphere Functions Thereof” by representative of the Institute of Nature Management Dr. Rakovich and the report “”High-Performance Penopurm® Sorbent” by Prof. Ksenofontov, representative of the Institute Applied Physics Problems with the National Academy of Sciences.


Several participants of the Seminar, managers of the Northeastern University, Shenyang Ligong University, Shenyang Polytechnic Institute, the Liaoning Provincial Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, the Department of Forestry of the Liaoning Province, officers of the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs of the Liaoning Province availed themselves of the opportunity of meeting Head of the Marketing Department of RCTT Dr. Kuzmin to learn about the range of the services and information resources offered by RCTT to foreign companies and investors.


One more presentation “Technology Transfer. The Services and Information Resources Offered by RCTT to Foreign Companies and Investors” was made by the representative of RCTT at the Shenyang Polytechnic University.


During the event the institute of Metallurgic Technology of the Northeastern University and RCTT managed to make a letter of intent for the information exchange of technology offers and requests between Chinese and Belarusian enterprises. Following the agreement, there was a plan outlined for preparation of the information related to Belarusian Technologies to be applied in the fields like

-                      production of sorptive agents for elimination of oil outflows;

-                      production of catalytic agents for detoxification of vehicle exhaust;

-                      production of high-temperature adhesives.


The Shenyang Ligong University and the Liaoning Institute for Human Resource Management, Tomsk State University, and RCTT signed a four-partite letter of intent for organization of collaboration in scientific research and engineering and drafting the set of documents for creation of a Cino-Russian-Belarusian centre on Ecology environment protection and Nature Management.