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 International Conference in St Petersburg

St Petersburg will host the international Conference “Economic Diplomacy and Support of the Innovatory Capacity of North-West Regions of the Russian Federation” 27-28 November 2008. Belarus has been invited as an active participant of the event.


The organizers of the Conference are the Russian-Belarusian Roundtable Assembly “Intellectual Resources of the Integration”, the Committee for Education and Science of the Severo-Zapad (North-West) Association, the Committee on Science and Higher Education with the Public Administration of St Petersburg, the Smolny University of the Russian Academy of Education.


For Belarus, the event’s moderator is the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer. The primary intent of the Conference is to identify and reveal the particularities of the interaction between the diplomacy, regional policies, business against the background of the rapidly developing innovations and technologies, boosted knowledge progress and dramatic changes in the global climate.


The Conference is to involve representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and its Belarusian counterpart, international organizations, representative and consular offices of the foreign participant countries, several delegations from Russia, Belarus, and the European Union, people of science and business, university and academic communities.


Interested persons and organizations are invited to directly or distantly participate in the Conference. Your contribution to the set of scientific presentations and to drafting of the resulting documents would be appreciated.


More information related to the Conference, participation terms for regional delegations and the contact data are posted here.

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