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   Switch to Russian 2008 * September 2008 * 12.09.2008 Thursday, November 21, 2019  
 RCTT Took Part in International Workshop in Ukraine

Тhe Workshop “Technology Transfer Networks and Support of Innovations. The International Experience and Prospects for Ukraine” took place in Kharkov on 3 - 4 September 2008.


The International event was hosted by the Technology Business Incubator "Kharkov Technologies" (http://www.kt.kharkov.ua), with the assistance of the Academy of Technology Sciences of Ukraine (http://www.atsukr.org.ua) and the Central European Initiative Program (http://www.ceinet.org).


The Workshop brought together key experts from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Moldova Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine who had gained vast practical experience in the sphere of development of innovation-concerned economy and technology transfer, including developers, managers and providers of technology transfer networks and innovation centres, and Ukrainian specialists who would become coordinators and potential members of the Ukrainian Technology Transfer Network (UTTN).


Head of the Marketing Department of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) Mr. V. Kuzmin took part in the event. He presented the report “State and Regional Policy in the Sphere of Technology Transfer and Commercialization in Belarus.


The Workshop provided opportunities for discussions on the regulatory, legislative, methodology-related aspects of the UTTN, the organizational management routine of regional managers of the UTTN. The event finalized in endorsement of the Memorandum of Development of the UTTN. The electronic version of the document is to be posted on the Workshop-specialized Web site www.tt.kt.kharkov.ua.


Along with partaking in the event, the representative of RCTT met Director of the Centre for Technology Transfer of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine Mr. S. Yegorov to take up the fulfilment of the bilateral agreement of technology transfer signed on 11 August 2008. The parties agreed that RCTT would provide the adequate training to one of the Academy’s specialists so that he/she would acquire the RCTT Network user’s skills including technology profile posting on the Web portal of RCTT.

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