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 RCTT at Сhina International Patent Fair 2008

The Republican Centre for Technology transfer, along with the delegation of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NANB) took part in China International Patent Fair 2008, held on 3 - 5 September 2008. RCTT was supported by the NANB,  the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST) and the UNDP.


More than a hundred representatives from Belarus, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, North and South Koreas, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, USA were flung together with numerous representatives from the 35 provinces of China.


During the exhibition RCTT promoted

  • R&D products and services offered by the organizations and enterprises under the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • the services and information resources offered by RCTT to foreign companies and investors;
  • the international projects in which RCTT had been involved.

During the fair RCTT signed a collaboration agreement in technology transfer with the Dalian Centre for Scientific and Technical Exchange.


There was a presentation of Belarusian hi-tech-based projects held during the fair. Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy presented the report “Research and Development in the Top-Priority Directions of Belarus. The Services and Information Resources Offered by RCTT to Foreign Companies and Investors”.


The portfolio of Belarusian hi-tech projects was screened and compiled by the organizers of the event. The project for recycling of worn tyres (developed by the Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the NANB) enjoyed the most success among the projects selected for the show.


The active part of the NANB delegation was acknowledged with a diploma of this year’s China International Patent Fair.

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