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 South-Korean Business Circles Study Opportunities with Belarus

People of business and representatives of governmental bodies of South Korea came to Minsk on 1 July. The visit had been organized by the Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBS, http://sbc.or.kr/ehg) as part of the tour across a few CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan). In each country the agenda of the stay provides for general presentations on the domestic market and one-on-one meetings and negotiations with potential local business partners.


On 2 July, during a business meeting hosted by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Belarus Hotel the guests were informed about the local market, the investing opportunities of and the development trends for business in this country. Representatives of 14 Korean companies and corporations met managers of several Belarusian enterprises and companies to talk on their possible collaboration in science and technology related fields, foundation of joint ventures, bilateral export and import of various products. Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy and General Manager of the Small & Medium Business Corporation Mr. Oh took up prospective forms and potentialities for collaboration of RCTT and the SBS in the technology transfer domain.  

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