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   Switch to Russian 2008 * May 2008 * 23.05.2008 Saturday, December 07, 2019  
 ICSTI Held Its International Conference

The Library of Alexandria (Egypt) welcomed participants of the International Conference “Scientific and Technological Innovation: National Experience and International Cooperation” and 59th Session of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of the ICSTI Member States, held simultaneously on 15-16 May 2008.


A total of more than 50 representatives from 23 countries rejoined on the occasion of the events. There were representatives from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Mongolia, the Netherlands, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, the South African Republic Ukraine, and Vietnam. Among the key participants there were Director of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information Mr. V. Kodola, Deputy Minister  of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arabic Republic of Egypt Mr. A. Khairy, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of the Arabic Republic of Egypt Mr. T. Hussein, Vice-President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Mr. B. Enkthuvshin, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Cooperation in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Mr. N. Kharichev, Director of the UNESCO Library Mr. J. Miller, etc. Director of RCTT Mr. A. Uspenskiy and Deputy Director of the Belarusian Institute for System Analysis Mr. A. Chernysh represented Belarus.


During the conference Mr. Uspenskiy presented the report “Policies and Legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the Technology Transfer Sphere”. The full text of the report is to be published in #2 issue of the Information and Innovations (quarterly journal of the ICSTI).


Please follow this link to learn more about the agendas of the two events and to familiarize yourself with the presentations made there.

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