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 Specialists of China Study Application of Leading-Edge Agricultural Technologies in Belarus

Another group of specialists visited Belarus on 12 – 16 May 2008. The delegation consisted of Sui Peng Fei, Deputy Chair of the Committee for Agriculture of the Jiling Province, Zhang Zhi Ying, Director of the Research Institute of Vegetable and Flower Growing of the Jiling Province, Zhang Jian, Deputy Director of the Institute, and two employees of the Institute, Zhang Sheng Li and Yu Yan Shen. The visit was paid in accordance with the previous arrangements of Ms. Tamara Yanchevskaya, Head of the Office of RCTT at the Sino-Russian Technopark in Chanchung, Director of the Branch Office.


The delegation visited the State Institute of Experimental Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a pilot site for virus-free potato mini-bulb growing at the Kukhchitsy Agricultural Enterprise, Research and Production Centre for Potato, Fruit and Vegetable Growing at Samokhvalovichi, and the park of Loshitsa. The guests took the chance to see the most advanced methods and techniques applied in vegetable growing and state-of-the-art agricultural machines.


As a result of the visit, the parties agreed to develop their further collaboration in 2008 – 2012. With this purpose they signed a contract that provided for application of the perennial ionitoponic potato mini-bulb growing technology. In compliance with the agreement, four Belarusian specialists will commence the contract-stipulated work at the Research Institute of Vegetable and Flower Growing of the Jiling Province in mid-July.

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