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 Roundtable Meeting to Be Held on Topical Issues Related to Technology Transfer

The roundtable meeting “Topical Issues Related to Technology Transfer. Information Support of Innovatory Activity. Public-Private Partnership” is to take place at the National Library of Belarus in Minsk on 12 May 2008. The event will be held under the exhibition campaign “Belarusian Industry Forum 2008”. The organizers are the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer, the National Library of Belarus, the Minsk State Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, and the Expoforum Exhibition Enterprise.


Directors and managers, founders, experts and key specialists of Belarusian enterprises (irrespective of the property type thereof), as well as those from any interested organizations, representatives of the government bodies, ministries and public authorities, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, institutions of higher education are invited to take part in the roundtable discussions.


More information about the exact time and venue of the roundtable meeting, the participation terms, the required formatting of the materials to be published and put on the event-related CD, is posted here.

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