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  1. Ceramic multi-resonator small-scale cases for SHF-range filters
  2. Dielectric resonators with operating ability up to 30 GHz and ceramic substrates for SHF engineering   
  3. Dielectric material for the SHF-range filters
  4. Piezoelectric ceramic mover for the STMs and the AFMs
  5. Ultrasound receivers – irradiators for the initial transducer of the liquid waste
  6. Piezoelectric ceramic irradiators for the ultrasound washing complexes and the degreasing systems
  7. Piezoelectric ceramic irradiators for aerosol spraying of liquids
  8. Piezoelectric ceramic sensors for the vibration meters and balancing equipment
  9. Piezoelectric ceramic irradiators and receivers for the ultrasound flow-rate meters of liquids and heat counters
  10. Vortex ultrasound initial transducer of the liquid flow rate
  11. Piezoelectric ceramic coils for the modulation system of laser gyroscope
  12. Small-scale ceramic aerials for the satellite navigation systems
  13. Technology of application of a thin-film (μm-thick) hardening (on the base of amorphous alloys Hv > 800) and self-lubricating coatings (on the base of the copper alloys) for precision parts, functioning in the regimes of intensive abrasive wear
  14. Wear-protective amorphous coatings on the base of tungsten
  15. Technology of the production of multilayer electrical-magnetic screens    on the base of electrolitically deposited magnetically-soft and copper layers
  16. Novel magnetically-soft high frequency composition materials for the small-scale invertor power supplies for various optoelectronic systems
  17. Development of the methods of ensuring radiation hardness and making tests of  the issues of special purpose
  18. Magnetic materials
  19. Piezoelectric deflector
  20. Diamond powders
  21. The cubic boron nitride (CBN) powders
  22. Composite superhard material on the base of a diamond
  23. Composite superhard material on the base of the cubic boron nitride
  24. Tubular perforated diamond drills
  25. The diamond bowl-shaped conical abrasive disk
  26. New generation of electronic devices on the base of a multifunctional material – cubic boron nitride
  27. The edge tool, being clad by the cutting plates of the polycrystalline cubic boron nitride
  28. Electric current sensors for the range 0.5 A to 500 A
  29. Electronic manometers for liquid and gaseous media for the pressure range from 0.6 MPa to 2.5 MPa
  30. Rotation angle sensors – sector ones, complete rotation ones and two-channel ones
  31. Magnetic field sensors for the range from     1 mT to 15 T
  32. Sensors of the fuel level in the tanks
  33. Threshold current sensors
  34. Sensors of rotation frequency and non-contact switches
  35. New generating medium ZnSe:Cr for the lasers of mean IR-region (2 -3 μm)
  36. Highly efficient heating devices
  37. Polarization filters for the beam introduction in thin-film wave guides
  38. Light modulators in the near IR range
  39. Remote control unit for the temperature measurement with an accuracy down to     10-4 K
  40. Photo-sensitive element with a highoperational speed in the ultraviolet spectrum range
  41. Optical filters in the infrared spectral region
  42. Elements for the control of duration of the ruby and neodymium lasers generation impulse generation
  43. Using of the Swift Heavy Ion track technology for the creation of micro- and nanoelectronic devices
  44. Ferrites-Garnets (Re3Fe5O12)
  45. Cryogenic hyperconducting transformer
  46. The device of magnetic induction therapy
  47. High heat-conductive ceramic material “Alnit” on the base of aluminum nitride
  48. Microprocessor temperature meter
  49. Rough diamonds and powders
  50. Diamond powders АС15, АС32 of fractions 60-200 MCM with output of basic fraction grain up to 60%
  51. Diamond powders of brand АС100-АС125
  52. Diamond powders АС65 and higher with output of grain 125/100-250/200 no less than 40%
  53. CBN micropowders (MP CBN) of fraction (5/2) and CBN polycrytalline powders (PP CBN) of wide range of grain size (50/40 – 2000/ 1600)
  54. Conical cup-shaped diamond wheels forms 12A2 with corner  of 450
  55. Cubic boron nitride micropowders (3-28μm) and emercypowders (40-200 μm)
  56. Synthetic single crystals (rubies, emeralds)


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